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These great products will help you get the most out of your PlayStation 2.

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  • Driving Force™ GT

    Driving Force™ GT


    Bring your racing experience to life with the official wheel of Gran Turismo™.

  • Wireless SingStar® Microphones

    Wireless SingStar® Microphones


    Enjoy the freedom to dance at your SingStar parties.

  • SingStar® Microphone Pack

    SingStar® Microphone Pack


    The SingStar Microphones take seconds to set up, so get your friends round, get ready to sing and get the party started!

  • AV Cable

    AV Cable


    The official entry-level cable for connecting your PlayStation system to your television.

  • Component AV Cable

    Component AV Cable


    For High Definition visuals and great sound from PlayStation 3, as well as brilliant Standard Definition from PlayStation 2, this cable can offer both.

  • Euro-AV Cable

    Euro-AV Cable


    The wonderful world of PlayStation 2 gaming is but a sleek, black plastic-clad wire away, with the help of the Euro-AV Cable, designed to link your console and TV in perfect harmony.

  • RFU Adaptor

    RFU Adaptor


    No A/V input on your TV? No problem. You can still connect your PlayStation 2 or PS one console to the TV using this handy RFU Adaptor.

  • Vertical Stand (for PlayStation 2)

    Vertical Stand (for PlayStation 2)


    If you're running out of room for all your games, make space for more with this up-right stand for your PlayStation 2...

  • Component AV Cable (for PlayStation 2)

    Component AV Cable (for PlayStation 2)


    Get connected with the nifty Component AV Cable...

  • Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2)

    Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2)


    Iconic in looks, with classic lines and ergonomic design - it's the world famous Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK 2) for PlayStation 2.

1 to 10 of 14  results

PlayStation 2 Accessories

PlayStation 2 Accessories

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