EyeToy USB Camera

Release date: 13 July 2003

Peripherals left images - PS2
Model Number:
Connection Type:
USB connector
Network Features:
For use with:
Playstation 2

Put yourself in the picture and discover a new kind of fun.

Be a part of the game with PlayStation 2 console's EyeToy USB Camera. Place the camera on top of your TV, insert it into one of the PlayStation 2 console's USB connectors, and get playing.

  • Move your body to control the on-screen action.
  • Put yourself in the game and become the star of the show.
  • Create photographs and videos of yourself and your friends.
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Pick up PlayStation products from these retailers

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SingStar® Motown

SingStar® Motown

Celebrate 50 years of Motown and let a little soul into your life.

From humble beginnings in 1950s Detroit, Berry Gordy's Motown Records went on to become one of the biggest success stories in popular music.

Now you and your friends can grab a pair of SingStar Microphones and sing along to such classics as ABC by The Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder's For Once In My Life.

Pick up SingStar Motown and add some Detroit soul to your parties.

  • Sing along to 25 Motown hits in all of the classic SingStar game modes
  • Record your performances with the EyeToy USB Camera
  • Fully compatible with Wireless SingStar® Microphones
SingStar® Singalong with Disney

SingStar® Singalong with Disney

Bring the magic of Disney to your PlayStation 2 and sing along with your favourite characters.

Disney films have been enchanting generations of children for decades and have included dozens of memorable songs.

And now you can sing along with characters from iconic films such as The Little Mermaid, Toy Story and The Jungle Book, thanks to SingStar Singalong with Disney. With classic tracks old and new, such as The Bare Necessities and You've Got a Friend in Me, everyone in the family will want to join in.

Up to eight players can join in, making it the perfect party game for Disney fans young and old.

  • Sing along to memorable tracks from the most iconic Disney films
  • Get the whole family involved in multiplayer modes for up to eight players
  • Enjoy classic SingStar modes such as Solo, Duet and Battle
EyeToy Play Sports

EyeToy Play Sports

It's a crazy sports day!

  • Stretch those legs and put on your tracksuit because EyeToy returns with EyeToy Play Sports
  • 101 mini-games including Dodgeball, Table Football, Tennis, Surfing, Archery and Sumo Wrestling!
  • New team modes keep players on their toes and the drop in, drop out feature lets anyone come and go as they please!



Now with EyeToy compatibility

  • The Lemmings arrive on PlayStation 2 and you really are their only hope!
  • Get the Lemmings to safety by making bridges with your body, picking them up in your hands and a whole range of impulsive moves
  • Over 150 levels. Use your body to destroy the environment and create new paths and routes



A great new EyeToy package that makes espionage easy!

Set up a fun security system in your own home! SpyToy uses the popular EyeToy camera to help you protect your prized possessions and set up customised alarms.

Become the ultimate agent by enrolling in the SIA (Secret Intelligence Agency) and training in the arts of espionage. Take part in missions that will fully test your mental and physical abilities: break codes and even sky dive over five major cities.

New Face Recognition technology allows EyeToy to recognise you, giving added security and ensuring that only authorised agents can access their top secret files.

  • Use EyeToy as a fun surveillance device
  • Take part in a variety of espionage-themed activities
  • Face Recognition technology keeps your secret documents safe from prying eyes
EyeToy Monkey Mania

EyeToy Monkey Mania

Join those crazy Ape Escape monkeys on Freaky Floaty Island for over 50 totally manic EyeToy minigames!

Are you all ready for the craziest EyeToy game yet? Those pant-wearing Ape Escape monkeys have invited you and your friends to join them on Freaky Floaty Island for a manic minigame party!

You and up to three other cheeky monkeys can explore the island, befriending Pipo monkeys, collecting crazy items, and finding new costumes for your personal monkey pal along the way. So go on, show off your best monkey moves and have loads of fun! Did we mention the monkeys?

EyeToy: Monkey lets up to four players compete for precious Pipo monkeys on the board game-like Freaky Floaty Island. As you move around the island, you'll come across all sorts of traps, bonuses, penalties, obstacles, and, of course, wacky minigames that can affect both your monkey character and your fellow simian competitors.

Thanks to the fantastic EyeToy Camera, all four players can appear on screen at once and interact directly with the characters and environments to compete for simian supremacy! You'll be going bananas in games such as Simian Stylist, Hide The Banana!, Exploding Pant Challenge, Rolling Snowball, Pant Puller, and many, many more.

If you haven't got time to play a full board game, every game you've unlocked can be played individually. So whether you feel the need to guide a huge snowball safely along a treacherous mountain path, engage in a frantic game of air hockey, or indulge in any of the 48 other frantic challenges, what kind of monkey business you get up to is entirely up to you.

  • Play 50 crazy minigames, all packed full of monkey madness!
  • Features simultaneous play for up to four players
  • Use your body to control the characters and environments
  • Compete against your friends in board game-style environments
SingStar Party

SingStar Party

Get the party started again - SingStar's back!

The original SingStar tapped into our urge to be a star, and now it has returned as SingStar Party - a package guaranteed to turn every social occasion into a singalong! This time around, the emphasis is on getting everyone involved, with a massively varied list of 30 new songs, and a selection of brand new multiplayer modes - including, for the first time, a proper duet mode.

Duets allow two players to sing both parts of a song, so for example, one player can rattle off Elton John's lines in 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart', while the other croons away as Kiki Dee.

That's not the only multiplayer option, though. SingStar Party can host competitions for up to eight players, thanks to new 'Pass the Mic' team games, which feature a variety of different singing challenges - solo rounds, combined duets, random battles and surprise singer selections to name but a few.

Of course, none of this would matter if the songs weren't up to scratch - but SingStar Party features a stunning playlist of thirty tracks, encompassing timeless classics and contemporary favourites. The only thing they've all got in common is that they're great fun! From Franz Ferdinand to Bill Withers, there's something here for everyone. Check out the full listing to find out what your favourite will be:


  • Alicia Keys - Fallin'
  • Ashford & Simpson - Solid
  • Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine
  • Blu Cantrell - Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)
  • Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
  • Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
  • Busted - Year 3000
  • Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Destiny's Child - Survivor
  • Dido - White Flag
  • Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Elton John & Kiki Dee - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  • Elvis - Way Down
  • Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
  • George Michael - Faith
  • Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
  • Javine - Real Things
  • Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky
  • Little Richard - Tutti Frutti
  • Maroon5 - This Love
  • Natasha Bedingfield - Single
  • Pink - Just Like A Pill
  • Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mamma
  • Sonny & Cher - I Got You Babe
  • Spandau Ballet - Gold
  • Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are
  • The Beautiful South - A Little Time
  • The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup
  • The Police - Every Breath You Take
  • Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now


EyeToy compatibility returns, so you can see yourself singing along, although if you prefer you can see the original video for many of the songs as you sing. Even better, owners of the original SingStar can unlock all the tracks from that game for use in SingStar Party, making them available for Duet play for the first time!

Whatever your choice of music, SingStar Party is guaranteed to get your party started. Just plug in the microphones and you're all set!


  • Features thirty new songs for players to sing along to

  • Brand new duet mode allows for unique multiplayer experiences

  • EyeToy compatibility makes you the star!

  • Unlock your original SingStar songs for use in Duet mode

  • Guaranteed to get your Party started!


This is Football 2005

This is Football 2005

This is Football returns, with amazing EyeToy: Cameo compatibility.

Ever fancied playing for your favourite football team? TiF 2005 is here to make that dream come true, thanks to revolutionary new EyeToy: Cameo technology.

Using EyeToy, you can capture a couple of simple images of your face and head, and Cameo will convert them into an uncannily realistic and fully animated 3D model which can then be mapped onto a custom player in TiF 2005!

Of course, TiF has to maintain its reputation as the most comprehensive football sim on the planet, so TiF 2005 ups the ante once again with more teams, more players, more seasons, more leagues, more stadia, and even more commentary than ever before.

Gameplay benefits from a range of new player animations that give you even more dribbling, passing and shooting moves, all with greater responsiveness and fluidity. It also means that scoring's going to be more of a challenge, too, as the extra animation extends to the 'keepers, who now have a wider range of saves at their disposal.

If you're playing or practising offline, you'll also notice that the AI has received a significant boost; now you'll be able to see the differences in various teams' playing styles, such as the Italian squad's capacity for strong possession, and the French team's knack for elegance and smoothness.


  • Become the latest signing to your favourite team with EyeToy: Cameo compatibility

  • Play 23 club seasons in any one of 32 leagues, and compete in eight international tournaments

  • Pick from 935 teams, consisting of a total of over 19,000 players

  • 28 unique stadia, including the San Siro and Ernst Happel Stadion

  • Over 10 hours of commentary


EyeToy: Kinetic

EyeToy: Kinetic

The game that started the entire EyeToy craze is back with a dazzling array of new games and features that'll get everyone off the sofa!

The original EyeToy: Play introduced the world to an entirely new way of playing games; the trusty DualShock was pushed aside, its purpose as the controller of choice usurped by, of all things, the human body.

Millions of converted EyeToy users later, and SCEE has finally returned to sate our desire for more camera-related entertainment with a new serving of frantic mini-games and groundbreaking experimental fun. EyeToy: Play 2 has arrived.

Things have come a long way since the original Play; EyeToy: Play 2 expands significantly on the mini-game formula, cramming over 70 wildly different quick-fire challenges into 12 spectacular new games and a variety of bonus mini-games. In addition, the PlayRoom has now become the home for a variety of amazing EyeToy experiments that will change your perception of what's possible with the wonder camera.

Those new games in full:

  • Kung2: The EyeToy: Play favourite returns with more levels, more enemies, more bosses and more bonus challenges!
  • SecretAgent: Collect the items that appear while freezing in silly positions to avoid the gaze of security cameras and spotlights
  • BubblePop: Play's classic WishiWashi returns with a skilful twist - clear the screen of blue bubbles, but you'll have to perform some crazy contortions to avoid popping the red ones!
  • MrChef: Make meals to order in a busy restaurant and perform a variety of tricky tasks to replenish your supply of ingredients
  • MonkeyBars: Recreate King Kong's antics in reverse as you swing your way down a number of sky-scraping buildings
  • DIY: Perform all sorts of home improvement tasks - from painting rooms and building walls, to chainsawing logs and chasing runaway pneumatic drills!
  • Knockout: Boxing Chump receives an update, with extra opponents and improved fist-swinging gameplay
  • HomeRun: Hit the incoming pitches as hard as you can, then physically run as fast as you can to score vital runs!
  • GoalAttack: Train yourself up with a demanding coach, then attempt to save the day in various match scenarios
  • Table Tennis: Play ping-pong against increasingly difficult opponents - time your shots for extra power!
  • Air Guitar: Strum along to various rock tracks and take on a selection of string-plucking opponents in a test of your musical skill!
  • Drummin' - Prove you've got rhythm by striking the drums on-screen in time to the music

The PlayRoom is now home to a variety of experimental games that demonstrate EyeToy's future potential - use your voice to interact with the Sonic Sub, catch out any intruders in your room with SpyToy, explore space with Solar System, and much, much more!

  • 12 fantastic new games, each containing numerous fast-paced mini-games

  • Improved Multi Player mode lets up to four people compete over 50 mini-games

  • Catch out intruders with SpyToy security

  • Interact with a 3D model of your own or your friend's head with EyeToy: Cameo

  • Wide range of experimental PlayRoom effects - interact using movement, sound and even fruit!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The third instalment of EA's game-of-the-film-of-the-book arrives this summer, with the boy wizard's latest outing enhanced by some EyeToy magic.

The phenomenally popular children's series is back in its third incarnation, as EA conjures up Harry Potter's adventures on PS2 just in time for a movie-game tie-in this summer. And as well as being charged with the same magical charm as the previous titles, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban now features EyeToy compatibility, so amateur alchemists and budding wizards alike can practice their incantations in front of the telly.

Following the film's plot closely, the videogame version of Harry's endeavours sees you returning for more wizardry and witchcraft at the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, with good pals Hermione and Ron in attendance. The story picks up with the spell-casting trio aboard the Hogwarts Express, with their journey rudely interrupted by Harry's arch-nemesis Draco Malfoy and his gang of malcontents spoiling for a fight. But it seems the young apprentice may have a far more formidable enemy to tackle this time...

Based on JK Rowling's book of the same name, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban sees the boy-wizard pursued by Sirius Black - an inmate of the notorious jail, suspected of murdering Harry's parents. And, in addition to this new foe, Harry must also face the sinister Dementors, Azkaban's ghoulish prison guards.

As ever, EA brings something new to the mix, with Harry's latest outing containing a range of EyeToy compatible minigames, suitable for up to four budding wand-wavers. Don the 'Sorting Hat' and get mobile for Chocolate Frogs, Exploding Snap, Seeker Practice and Zonko's Joke Shop - delightfully entertaining challenges that will be familiar to fans of the series.

Players can now assume the roles of student spell-casters Ron and Hermione too, and switch between the trio of friends depending on the situation you're in. So, for example, you can swap from Harry to Hermione if you need to cast a Freeze spell, or make use of Ron for his sixth sense abilities.

The whole thing is all wrapped up in eye-strokingly pleasing graphics which reflect the continuing maturity of the series, translating the magical quality of the books and films with style.


  • Play as Harry, Hermione and Ron, and utilise the characters' unique abilities

  • Plug in your EyeToy for a range of four player minigames: Chocolate Frogs, Exploding Snap, Seeker Practice and Zonko's Joke Shop

  • Unravel the mystery surrounding Harry's parents and Sirius Black


EyeToy Play 2

EyeToy Play 2

Hollywood's favourite kung fu comedian lends his slapstick chop socky to the game of the animated TV series.

Released to tie-in with the animated series currently receiving an airing on various kiddie-friendly channels, Jackie Chan Adventures is a cel-shaded platformer with plenty of puzzles, missions and kung fu action to keep younger fans happy.

Become nimble secret agent Jackie and take on the mighty demon Shendu in a race to retrieve 12 ancient talismans imbued with magical powers.

Partnered with his young apprentice and niece, Jade, the hyperactive high-kicker embarks on a globe-trotting adventure in search of the artefacts, all the while trying to fend off Shendu's evil ninja henchmen. Explore, climb and fight using Jackie's well-known athletic and acrobatic abilities as your adventures take you across the world.

Compatible with your EyeToy, Jackie Chan also features a clutch of fun minigames designed to get the whole family off the settee and playing.


  • Collect the 12 powerful talismans to unlock new abilities and moves

  • Dust off your EyeToy camera for a range of hilarious minigames

  • Explore beautiful, vibrant environments in locations across the world




Liven up any gathering and become a singing legend in your own living room to boot, with Studio London's latest innovative slice of party genius.

From SCEE London Studio, the same team who persuaded you to leap around your living room swatting imaginary ghosts and busting lethal kung fu moves in the direction of your TV with EyeToy, comes SingStar, the latest in interactive entertainment designed to get everyone up and playing. One of the most involving and addictive titles to come out for PS2 for some time, SingStar has the rather impressive ability to ensnare everyone who sees it in action.

Unlike the typically mortifying experience of getting up on a small stage in your local pub and being forced to croak out a number from the popular hit parade (circa 1982, usually), SingStar is actually a stress-free and hugely entertaining experience that, once sampled, will have even the most shy and retiring of types casting aside their inhibitions.

As well as having the canny knack of breaking the ice at even the frostiest of familial get-togethers, SingStar is also an involving single-player game that actually encourages you to hone your warbling skills. This may all sound suspiciously familiar, but leave your preconceptions at the door: SingStar is actually a highly innovative title that's unlike anything you'll have ever played before.

SingStar comes fully equipped with two microphones which, with the help of a nifty adapter, plug into just one of your PS2's two USB ports. Simple, eh? SingStar is also EyeToy compatible so, once you've set-up your mics, there's also the option to plug in your wonder-cam and watch yourself sing with added visual effects to keep things interesting.

There are four different modes to warm-up your vocal chords with. Sing Mode is the quickest route to crooning glory, with the option to either belt one out alone, or battle it out with another amateur vocalist; Multiplayer is the most party-friendly mode of the lot, encouraging 1-8 participants to perform duets and team competitions; Career puts you on the capricious road to fame and fortune, a la Pop Idol, and Freestyle lets you croon without any scores.

When you select a track, the lyrics and a set of bars will appear onscreen which indicate the pitch, tone and timing required for that song. Points are scored depending on how well you manage to adhere to these guides. Remarkably accurate voice-recognition technology analyses your voice and displays how well (or badly) you're singing onscreen. The mics are colour-coded (red and blue), so you'll be able to follow your timbre on the TV as you get your vocal chords around Ricky Martin, Madonna et al.

Of course, if you're playing against a pal in Sing Mode, the element of competition comes to the fore with Battle mode gameplay. Naturally, it often leads to some highly impressive, not to mention amusing, face-offs between would-be songstrels, determined to out-sing each other.

There's a huge track listing of classic and contemporary numbers on offer - 30 in all - so there's something to suit everyone's tastes. Get ready to siiiiiing...

  • Comes with two microphones and USB adapter
  • Go from bedroom crooner to singing sensation in Career mode
  • Play with up to eight other singers in Multiplayer mode
EyeToy: Groove

EyeToy: Groove

It's time to put on your dancing shoes, with the first EyeToy game since Play. Let the music move you!

Owners of EyeToy: Play will no doubt already be familiar with the concept of flinging themselves about their living room to a choice selection of disco beats, with party-friendly games Beat Freak and Boogie Down. The premise is a simple one: stand in front of your telly, dance like a loon and watch your family/friends/pet crack up at your attempts to set the dance floor (read: lounge rug) alight. And now with EyeToy: Groove, Studio London's latest addition to the innovative mini-cam genre, you can wow the crowds once more with more tunes, more challenges, and all-new spangly wavy hand movements.

EyeToy: Groove is a game totally dedicated to dancing, and has a line-up of popular hits as long as your dancing slacks to support those crazy hip-swivelling antics (remember, you'll need an EyeToy USB camera to play it). Floor-fillers such as Junior Senior's Move Your Feet, JXL's Little Less Conversation and Groove Armada's Superstylin' jostle for space alongside dancehall classics ABC by The Jacksons, Lets Groove by Earth Wind and Fire, and Kool & The Gang's infamous Jungle Boogie.

Gameplay-wise, the principle is similar to EyeToy: Play's dancing games; six icons appear on the screen and, whilst positioned in the centre of the screen, you must attempt to hit these spots as smiley-faced discs fly over them in time to the music. There's also a large, banana-like shape that you'll need to catch before it drifts off, and a star-lead wave manoeuvre that'll require you to 'push' the star across the screen in time with its movement. Do well, and you'll be prompted to 'Freestyle', which basically means you'll be videoed performing your baddest moves to camera for about 10 seconds. And, as this paragraph aptly shows, it's a whole lot easier to play EyeToy: Groove than to describe it. It's great fun for gatherings, and would break the ice of even the most glacial get-together - clearly an essential party purchase.


  • Choose to shake your stuff to pop classics or more contemporary offerings

  • Test your toe-tapping skills to a variety of difficulty levels, or go Dynamic and allow Groove to tailor the speed to your progress

  • Throw some shapes in Freestyle mode


EyeToy: Play

EyeToy: Play

A dozen fantastic new games for the stunning PS2 camera peripheral that are guaranteed to get any party started

EyeToy: Play is the first games compilation for EyeToy, the revolutionary new USB camera device for PS2 that detects your body movement and allows you to interact with the onscreen action. Play offers up 12 hugely enjoyable party games that involve anything from cleaning windows to fending off fearsome ninja adversaries. Up to four players can play consecutively in the multiplayer league, although you can squeeze as many personalised profiles for people as you like onto your Memory Card (complete with photos!). In addition, you can make sure that there's always something on TV with a selection of mind-boggling Play Room visual effects, and record messages for your friends with the Video Message function. Wherever there's a party to be had, or you just fancy a entertaining night in with your friends or family, EyeToy: Play is guaranteed to keep you amused for hours.

Those 12 games in full:

Beat Freak: Hit the CDs as they fly towards the four onscreen speakers in time with the music to build up big combos and massive scores.

Kung Foo: Become an unstoppable martial arts machine and fend off the incoming ninja menaces with your best moves.

Wishi Washi: Clean as many windows as you can in two minutes, but beware of those stubborn bird poo stains!

Keep Ups: Keep the football in the air using your body and strike the characters that appear for points and power-ups.

Boxing Chump: Step into the ring and show the mighty Big Robo Bro who's boss by punching his LEDs out.

UFO Juggler: Spin the flying saucers that appear into orbit while fending off attacks from the evil Wonton.

Slap Stream: You'll literally have your head in the clouds as you try to rescue the bunny girls from the vile Ratmen - by giving them a good slapping, obviously.

Plate Spinner: Head to the jungle and keep the plates spinning on poles - but be sure to slap away the mischievous Ba-Boons who are trying to send them whizzing off.

Boogie Down: A serious test of your rhythmic and memory skills. Watch as disco diva QT performs a dance sequence, and then attempt to replicate it with perfect timing.

Ghost Catcher: Fill the ghosts with air and pop them before they can escape from the graveyard by repeatedly waving your hands over the offending spooks.

Mirror Time: Pop the green bubbles and avoid the red bubbles in the corners as the screen flips and rotates to really mess with your mind.

Rocket Rumble: Chain together the fireworks that blast onto the screen and detonate them to create a fantastic display of pyrotechnics.

In addition to this bumper crop of weird and wonderful games, EyeToy: Play also features a couple of bonus modes that'll ensure you'll never get bored of spending time in front of the camera:

Video Messages: Record messages onto your PS2's Memory Card and exchange them with your fellow EyeToy: Play owning friends and family for maximum laughs. Videos can range from 10 to 60 seconds, and the EyeToy's in-built mic means that you won't have to communicate via the medium of mime. Although you can if you really want to.

Play Room: A selection of magical screen filter effects that serve no purpose other than to amuse. Swimming underwater, getting chased by spiders and bees, playing with balloons and materialising from thin air are just a few of the mind-boggling special effects on offer.

If you're still wondering whether to grab an EyeToy or not then you really should stop. The simple fact is that you really haven't seen anything like this before - it's a truly revolutionary product. EyeToy: Play is the perfect demonstration of the diverse range of applications that this seemingly limited (if technically amazing) peripheral can offer. The true beauty of all of Play's games is that literally anyone, no matter how young and old, will be able to have a good go at them regardless of their general video gaming skills. With no DualShock to get in the way, everyone's on equal footing, so there's every possibility that you could lose to your grandparents (or beat your grandchildren!). Don't say that we didn't warn you.


  • 12 diverse, amusing, entertaining games

  • Store movie clips to your Memory Card with Video Messages

  • Interact with amazing on-screen effects in the Play Room

  • Use your body to play - no controller required

  • Genuinely suitable for all ages