Release date: 6 September 2002
Developer: Reflections
Publisher: Infogrames Entertainment


Drive on the pavement, smash into a roadside cafe, barrel roll your car over a ravine... all for money. Yes, it's time to throw away your Highway Code and drive as recklessly as the Director demands, because you're in the movies now and you're the fall guy, the Stuntman.

Start your career as a lowly rookie working on straight-to-video tat, but build your reputation as a daredevil on camera and in the Stunt Arena and you could be working on the next blockbuster action movie, putting your life on the line to make the stars look good.

Don't worry too much, you're not going to be set on fire, kicked through a window or thrown from the Empire State Building into a glass of water: in Stuntman you specialise in vehicles (which may or may not be on fire, smashed through windows or driven off tall buildings). At its heart, Stuntman is a third-person driving game with a pedigree as it's from the people that brought you the Driver series. The game is broken down into six 'movies' reflecting your rise from low-budget flicks to multi-million dollar multiplex fillers. Starting with the 1970's London Gangster flick Toothless in Wapping, if you're good enough you'll move on to movies inspired by The Dukes Of Hazzard and Indiana Jones, until you reach the ultimate stunt extravaganza, the Bond-beating Simon Crowne movie. Each film is broken into a number of scenes, each containing a series of stunts - smash through the boxes, handbrake turn, drive up the ramp and into the water for example. Complete each scene quickly and to the director's liking, and you'll progress. If your car control is good enough the film will get produced and you'll be rewarded with an exclusive viewing of the cinema trailer featuring all your gorgeous stunts of course. Then it's on to the next movie, or is it?

Occasionally, you'll have to make a name for yourself impressing the public in the Evel Kneviel-esque Stunt Arena. Here you'll be presented with a stunt challenge such as jump 10 cars in a monster truck, or fly through three flaming hoops in a sports car. Complete it and you'll not only win the adoration of the crowd, but your next movie contract. The Stunt Arena can also be accessed as a stand alone practice game, where you can create your own stunts and try and kill yourself before doing it on camera in the main game. Extra ramps, obstacles and arena 'toys' can be unlocked by completing stunts in the arena and main movie Story mode.

Stuntman has everything your favourite films do - car chases, explosions, death-defying leaps, humour and full-frontal nudity. If you've ever wanted to re-create that famous barrel roll from The Man with the Golden Gun or blow your car out of a cannon over 30 cars as a homage to Eddie Kidd, then Stuntman is the game for you. Oh and by the way, we lied about the nudity.

  • 27 vehicles to smash through walls, incinerate and explode including sports cars, tanks, snow mobiles and monster trucks

  • Six increasingly stunt-heavy movies for you to challenge, set in exotic locations from London to Bangkok

  • See yourself in action in the authentic movie trailers for each film

  • Hone your skills with the fully customisable Stunt Arena

  • Special DVD features including The Making of Stuntman and footage of real stuntmen in action

Reflections is the development house behind the massive Destruction Derby and Driver franchises, so it goes without saying that this title is one of Infogrames' biggies for next year. Two years in the making, the game thrusts you into the glamorous position of being a stuntman in Hollywood. How's that for starters? From then on in, it's glitz central as you ply your trade in a variety of mega-buck blockbusters. From T-bone smashes to 180-degree spins, you're gonna have to be good to cut the mustard with the Hollywood execs.



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