Curse: The Eye of Isis

Release date: 20 February 2004
Developer: Asylum Entertainment
Publisher: Wanadoo


UK-based developer Asylum brings Ancient Egypt and Victorian Britain together for a tale of mummies, murder and ancient curses.

Drawing inspiration from the days of the Empire at the turn of the century, Curse: The Eye of Isis tells the story of a priceless statuette stolen from the British Museum under mysterious circumstances. According to Egyptian folklore, the Eye of Isis is imbued with an ancient curse which has the power to render anyone who touches it insane. The only way to undo the hex is to return the antiquity to the pyramid from which it was taken and restore it to its final resting place. Donning your best Victorian frock-coat and fashionable garb of the day, it's your job, playing as suave engineer extraordinaire Darien Dane, to locate the Eye of Isis and restore the cursed relic to its tri-sided tomb.

Ably assisted by obligatory glamorous Egyptologist Victoria Sutton, you'll begin a quest that sees you exploring Victorian London in search of the statuette's thief, and the ancient artefact itself. That could prove trickier than you'd first imagine, however, because the person responsible for swiping the Eye has already unleashed the curse on the city. Possessing the bodies of hapless people caught in its path, the Eye forces these zombie-like creatures to pursue other victims in attempt to ensnare them in the curse.

In much the same vein as survival horror classics Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Curse involves a great deal of running around evading possessed types intent on playing zombie tag, whilst simultaneously attempting to solve a series of mind-bending puzzles. Good thing then that the dashing Dane is an expert in Victorian engineering, a skill that'll no doubt come in handy as he embarks on his quest to retrieve the troublesome icon. Armed with an assortment of Victorian paraphernalia designed to dispense with the undead in double-quick time, you'll tote everything from shotgun to pistol, crossbow and flame-thrower. But wiping out cursed creatures is only half the battle; you'll also take up the quest as psychic side-kick Victoria for certain parts of the adventure, utilising her unique talents to evade scrapes and solve puzzles. It's also possible (a la Resi Evil) to swap out items from characters' inventories which, when used together, will assist with various challenges. The action shifts seamlessly from the halls of the British Museum to ancient Egypt, and finally the pyramid itself for an epic showdown that doesn't disappoint.


  • Explore 5 different environments in your search for the Eye of Isis

  • Get tooled up with the weaponry of the time: shotguns, flamethrowers and crossbows are amongst the goodies on offer

  • Play as dashing engineer Dane, or clairvoyant Egyptologist Victoria




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