Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Release date: 28 November 2003
Developer: Genki
Publisher: Ubisoft


UbiSoft brings Ang Lee's epic tale of honour, revenge and astonishingly graceful martial artistry to PS2

One of the highest grossing and most widely acclaimed world cinema releases of recent years, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon stunned the movie-going public with its elaborate stunts and mind-blowing fight sequences, set against a backdrop of 19th century China. If ever a film was screaming out to be made into a PlayStation 2 game, it was Crouching Tiger, a fact that didn't escape French publisher UbiSoft. Now you can take the destiny of three of the film's main protagonists (Mu Bai, Jen and Shu Lien) into your own hands as you embark on an epic quest to destroy the evil Jade Fox.

Developed by Genki, a studio that's no stranger to weapons based combat following its work on the excellent Bushido Blade on PS one (and, more recently, Sword of the Samurai on PS2), CTHD is a third person, combat-oriented action adventure. Each of the three playable characters has their own unique storyline that unfolds over five enormous and visually lush stages, as they battle to wreak revenge on Jade Fox, the cold hearted killer of Mu Bai's master and Shu Lien's fiancé. They also wield their own weapons (including the legendary Green Destiny Sword featured in the film), and have an assortment of individual special moves at their disposal. Suspend disbelief, and transcend space, gravity and the limitations of the human body as you lose yourself in this cinematic classic based on the ways of the Shaolin warriors.


  • Based on the blockbuster film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  • Use an array of incredible acrobatic and combat techniques

  • Dialogue in Mandarin (with subtitles) adds to the authenticity and atmosphere

  • Wield a variety of weapons (including the Green Destiny Sword), with unique special moves tailored to each




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