The Sims

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Release date: 31 January 2003
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts


The Sims are here - live in your living room. Sort of. Yep, for the first time, the massively popular PC title is making its way onto the PlayStation 2, thanks to those sim-tastic types down at Maxis.

After shifting a phenomenal 10 million copies world-wide on PC, The Sims have their sights firmly set on global console domination with a game so devilishly addictive, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything quite like it.

Featuring all the classic gameplay that it's famed for, but sporting a shed-load of improvements and extras, The Sims utilises the full power of the PS2. And with polished 3D graphics, intuitive controls, and a wealth of challenges that'll occupy you 'til the wee small hours - it's a welcome addition to the already burgeoning Sims' series.

In a similar vein to Tamagotchi, The Sims allows you to nurture characters, or 'sims', and develop the environment in which they live. There's the familiar open-ended mode to get stuck into, or you can manage a character from start to finish in the all-new 'Get a Life' level-based mode. This involves helping your sim to learn life skills, find a job, move to bigger and better homes, and advance through a series of challenges to unlock exclusive extras.

There's the option to customise your character before you set out, and it's here that you'll really start to appreciate just how much of an overhaul the game has undergone. Choose from a wide range of appearances, right down to hair colour and clothing, with the opportunity to purchase additional accessories and other goodies as you progress through the game.

There's also the rather nifty inclusion of some brand-new two-player modes, which allow you to play with a friend in the same sim environment. The competitive modes also feature mini-games, with tasks that range from making more friends than your opponent, to trying to eat more food than your rival!

The level of detail is amazing, and it won't be long before you're totally immersed in a virtual world of cooking, cleaning and er... dancing. It might sound less than exciting, but once you get going, you'll be surprised at how riveting it all gets. Honest! Once your character has got past the initial 'training' stages and is ready to enter the real world, things really do start to get good. There may not be much in the way of gung-ho action, but The Sims has more than its fair share of absorbing gameplay and genuinely amusing activities.

Making a seamless transition to the PS2, The Sims is as engrossing an experience as ever, with the added bonus of a raft of brand-spanking extras. The graphics look great, the two-player modes are a welcome new addition, and the easy-to-master gameplay is bound to appeal to players of all ages.

  • All-new two-player modes: play for popularity points and money

  • Featuring new level-based gameplay, allowing players to progress through a series of challenges

  • Fantastic 3D graphics and environments

  • Customisable characters, with a massive collection of appearances to create a truly individual sim character



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