Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Release date: 28 November 2003
Developer: Black Ops Entertainment
Publisher: Atari


According to a recent interview, James Cameron wanted the T3 movie to fail spectacularly, as he wasn't at the directorial helm. Fortunately for cinemagoers he was happily disappointed and the game-of-the-film won't disappoint either.

Like the recent Enter The Matrix title (also from Atari), Terminator 3's plot will interweave with the movies, revealing extra facets to the story of John Connor's ongoing fight against the machines. Jumping between the contemporary Judgement Day (when the machines nuke the world) and the dark, war torn future glimpsed briefly in the earlier films, you are mankind's last hope and worst enemy. As the T-800 (voiced by and looking like Arnie), you must protect John and all he represents. For those who like the darker side, you'll be pleased to know you can take on the human Tech-Com forces as an evil Terminator who absolutely will not stop ever, until they are dead. Blast with over 20 weapons in first person mode and switch to a third-person beat 'em up style view when the metal fists start flying.

  • The first game ever to feature Schwarzenegger's likeness and voice

  • Protect John Connor as the 'good' Terminator and slaughter Tech-Com as the 'evil' Terminator

  • Encounter the sultry T-X, the sexy killing machine sent to destroy Connor

  • Utilise over 20 weapons including lasers, rocket launchers and assault rifles



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