Release date: 28 November 2003
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft


Ubisoft's XIII is a first person shooter based on a Belgian series of graphic novels.

Imagine waking up on the beach one day, with no memory, no knowledge of who you are, and the numerals 'XIII' freshly tattooed on your chest (hence the name, funnily enough). Bummer (well, apart from the beach bit). But that's the scenario you'll be facing in Ubisoft's XIII, a first person shooter based on a Belgian series of graphic novels.

The game uses a unique graphical style that makes it feel like you're running around inside a comic yourself, with exclamations and sounds appearing as words on-screen, as they do in graphic novels. A massive BOOM appears amid the explosion of a rocket, for example, or you might see the word 'NOO!' uttered by a shot enemy. Other effects amplify the feeling of taking part in a comic, with additional panels appearing on screen in sequence to depict various events as static pictures. Snipe a distant enemy, for example, and you might see a three-panel execution (sorry) of the bullet's journey to the poor soul's head.

The ever-resourceful XIII's journey of discovery soon leaves the beach and has the amnesiac discovering an alarming affinity for killing. You get to do this with guns, grenades, knives - in fact, almost anything that comes to hand. You can smash inanimate objects such as chairs and ashtrays over the heads of your foes too, which is somehow just as satisfying as downing a helicopter with a rocket launcher (but then you can do that too).

In addition to the single player campaign, XIII features a variety of multiplayer modes to extend the appeal of cartoon killing, and up to eight players can compete online using a Network Adaptor and broadband internet connection.

  • A unique visual style truly captures the feel of a graphic novel

  • Unravel the conspiracy behind the assassination of the President of the United States

  • Make use of a huge array of weaponry and equipment, including bazookas, machine guns, and grappling hooks

  • Take part in multiplayer matches, with up to four players on one console or eight players online using the Network Adaptor



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