Risk Global Domination

Release date: 23 June 2004
Developer: Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
Publisher: Atari


The classic game of strategy and luck aims and takes fire at PlayStation 2. Why not let it on your territory?

In its original board game incarnation, Risk has waged war for decades - and continues to sell well. Why? Simple - it's really good fun. Taking charge of an army and using your might to crush your opposition is as satisfying as a board game can get, especially when you're ending a 'no aggression' pact at the same time...

On PlayStation 2, the game follows the same format as the original. Each player is issued with a set amount of armies and territory, and from there must use strategy - plus the luck of the little digital dice - to accomplish the task of conquering the world. The only real difference is the lack of physical pieces to lose - but there are a few more additions to give the videogame the edge.

Naturally, you can play with friends at home. But what if you want a game and no-one's about? That's where the PlayStation 2 version has its advantages. You can play against AI opponents (and unlock hidden features like new boards, dice and opponents), or go online using the Network Adaptor to play against human opponents whenever you want. Even better, you can chat away using a USB headset to form alliances and strategies with your (temporary) allies.

An excellent game for gamers and non-gamers alike, Risk is at its best on PlayStation 2!


  • Play Risk anytime - with friends, against the computer, or even online using the Network Adaptor!

  • Fully interactive board includes talking opponents and battle animations

  • Unlockable rewards include new boards, dice and opponents




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