War of the Monsters

War of the Monsters packshot en
Release date: 18 April 2003
Developer: Incog Inc. Entertainment
Publisher: SCEE


A fantastic mix of beat 'em up and wrestling fest mixed with the classic, kitsch monster movies that we all know and love.

Do not panic. Stay in your homes. Keep pets indoors. Keep away from the windows and never, ever run screaming in the streets while 100ft atomic mutations battle it out above you - because the War of the Monsters is upon us.

After Earth's greatest minds defeated the invasion of the flying saucers, green, radioactive ooze seeped from the wrecked spacecraft into the Earth causing all manner of creatures, robots and inanimate objects to grow to enormous size, take on a life of their own and go on a destructive rampage. When these behemoths meet a titanic battle ensues, with each creature throwing trucks and cars around like they were toys, destroying buildings and a panicked populace. Sound like Armageddon? Sounds like fun to us.

It's particularly fun when you realise you play the part of the giant monster rather than the screaming humans. Your gigantic gladiator is chosen from a gruesome cast list of creatures inspired by the best of the worst 50's B-movies. Take to the field as the radiation-breathing lizard Togera, the giant ape Congar, the huge Japanese style robot Ultra-V, the living lightning beast Kineticlops or six other enormous enemies. In the main Adventure mode, you take your creature through a series of battles all around the world from the urban sprawl of Midtown Park to the mysterious military base at Rosdale Canyon, and from the bright neon of Gamblers Gulch to the eerie glow of Atomic Island.

As well as standard fist and feet attacks (or whatever your creature has to pass for fists and feet), you can pick up just about anything you see around. This includes cars, trains, ocean liners, water towers, boulders and other debris. You can beat your giant opponent with your makeshift weapon or if you don't want to get that close, throw it at them. Failing that, pick your opponent up big the (not-so) short and curlies and chuck him through a building - all in a day's work for your friendly neighbourhood atomic colossus. If things start getting a little too hot for you to handle, each monster can call upon two special attacks to get them out of trouble such as the insectoid Preytor's Giant Leech attack and Robo47's Super-Missile.

As well as fighting your lonely way through the fantastic Adventure mode, you can stand you ground against all-comers in the Endurance mode or pick on whomever you want in the Free-for-all mode. The ultimate 30-storeys of fun you can have comes when you challenge a friend to the biggest battle on the planet. Here a unique split-screen feature comes into play allowing you and your opponent to explore the level (read: run away) until coming together for some fisticuffs. At this point the split-screen vanishes and the devastating gets under way in glorious full-screen.

There aren't words big enough to describe how good WotM is. It's a fantastic mix of beat 'em up and wrestling fest mixed with the classic, kitsch monster movies that we all know and love and will appeal to fans of all of them. As with all classic games, WotM is phenomenally easy to pick up, but difficult to master and all the unlockable extras within the game will keep you coming back for "just one more go".

  • Ten massive monsters to do battle with

  • Nine fully-destructible, interactive environments populated with cars, trains, helicopters and hordes of screaming people

  • Unleash devastating combos using your creatures individual attack style

  • Unlock new costumes, new monsters, new environments and hilarious mini-games

  • Tongue-in-cheek action from the bygone days of cheesy monster cinema



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