Music 3000

Release date: 30 May 2003
Developer: Jester Interactive
Publisher: Jester Interactive


The Music Generator series has been a long-time favourite for PlayStation owners who love to unleash their creative side on their favourite console.

Each instalment has pushed new sonic boundaries, edging ever closer to the dream of producing studio-quality masterpieces without the need for huge amounts of expensive equipment. Now, Music Generator 3 has arrived to turn that dream into a reality. Jester Interactive has somehow tricked PS2 into playing 64 separate channels of sound (14 more than it is theoretically capable of), increased the sound memory 10-fold and upped the number of featured samples to a mammoth 16,000. Using the packaged USB sample, you can take sounds from an external source or even extract chunks from music CDs by popping them in to your PS2's disc tray. If you've got a tune knocking around in your head that you think could give professional stars a run for their money but don't have the musical skill or the cash to invest in a studio, Music Generator 3 is the application for you.

If the idea of being let loose on full virtual track editor sounds a bit bewildering, then Lesson mode will teach you everything you need to know over 20 practical and user-friendly tutorials. Once you've been educated in the ways of Music 3000, the musical world is your oyster. Pick and mix from samples distributed among six key genres - pop, trance, indie, garage, metal and rap - use them as they are, or edit them beyond recognition to create your own unique sounds. Don't worry if you don't see your genre of choice listed; each of them offers extensive libraries of sounds that incorporate more musical styles than their names would suggest. If you have a microphone to hand, you can even throw your own voice into the mix, or, using the innovative 'Voice to Music' feature, let the program identify the notes you whistle and hum and convert them into a full customisable new riff.

If you've also fancied dabbling in promo video creation, the new and improved visual editing system lets you blend a wide ranging selection of imagery and special effects using a five-track editor. A definite improvement over previous attempts, Music 3000 offers clips of everything from cityscapes to dancing rabbits - how serious or crazy you want it to be is entirely up to you. Wannabe DJs aren't left out either thanks to the Music Mixer, a mode that lets you simultaneously control the output of six separate virtual decks using any one of a number of themed sample batches.

Music 3000 offers so many possibilities that you can easily find yourself being totally absorbed by its numerous charms. This isn't something that you'll tire of within weeks, months or even years because the only true limit is your imagination. Take a little time out from vanquishing the bad guys for a while and let your creative side run riot - you won't regret it.

  • 64 sound channels, 20 megabytes of sound memory and 16,000 samples

  • Features fully editable, studio-quality tracks from artists such as Paul Oakenfold and Timo Maas

  • Enhanced video editing system

  • The most user-friendly Music Generator yet



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