Release date: 24 October 2003
Developer: Acclaim Entertainment
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment


The granddaddy of basketball games makes a long overdue but triumphant return to our screens

Long before the NBA Street games (or the EA Sports BIG label, for that matter) were even conceived, there was only one name that mattered in console basketball gaming: NBA Jam. Rebuilt from scratch for PlayStation 2, NBA Jam brings Acclaim's classic 3-on-3 arcade 'baller bang up to date while retaining the frantic gameplay and over-the-top moves for which the series is so well loved.

As you'd expect, all 29 current NBA teams, players and arenas are present and correct, but they're supplemented by a number of outdoor courts and classic arenas of yesteryear. Additionally, the NBA Legends Tournament mode lets you put some of the greatest players of the last 50 years through their enormous strides, including Magic Johnson, Julius Irving, Larry Bird and more. There's even era-specific music, uniforms, hairstyles, commentary and moves included for maximum nostalgic effect.

The finely tuned, fast and furious NBA Jam gameplay includes many of the series' trademark features, including "On fire" (for when your players are 'in the zone') and the eternally entertaining "Big Head" mode.


  • Classic b-balling action; high-flying dunks, big blocks and lightning quick plays

  • All 29 current NBA teams, players and arenas, plus a host of NBA Legends and hidden characters to unlock

  • Create-A-Player - build your own 'baller and take them out onto the court




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