Arc: Twilight of the Spirits

Release date: 30 January 2004
Developer: Cattle Call
Publisher: SCEE


An original PS one title gets a PlayStation 2 makeover, as two brothers embark on an epic quest

The long-running Arc series will be remembered fondly by RPG-aficionados as one of the first titles to appear on PlayStation way back in 1995, albeit as a Japanese import. Featuring a turn-based combat system and all the staple ingredients of a role-playing title, Arc was amongst the smaller adventures of its genre, but no less engaging for its size.

Arc: Twilight of the Spirits retains the basic mythology of its predecessors, but the action is set centuries after the original tales, giving only a brief nod to its ancestry. The story follows two brothers, separated at birth and raised in different environments, with one (Kharg) being brought up in an affluent society, whilst the other (Darc) lives a life of slavery in another continent. The young pair share a strange birthmark, and each struggle to understand the role they must play in their world.

Divided by war, the planet is being fought over by humans and a hostile race of aliens, called deimos, intent on making themselves well and truly at home. The brothers' stories intertwine, and you'll switch between characters as they embark on journeys to discover their heritage. The gameplay is standard RPG-fodder, with lots of wandering round exploring the environment, talking to the locals, gaining useful tips, clues and upgrades, that sort of thing. Unlike the previous outings, however, you can now make your move in glorious 3D, as opposed to the traditional turn-based manoeuvres. Truly an epic adventure, Arc sets you on a path in search of the truth regarding the brother's lineage, pitting you against all manner of foe along the way.


  • Play as both brothers on two epic quests which intertwine at various points

  • Real-time combat moves replace the traditional turn-based gameplay

  • Explore the massive worlds in search of clues, side-quests and weapons upgrades




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