MX Unleashed

Release date: 26 March 2004
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Publisher: THQ


THQ slips into its racing leathers for another foray into the fast, frenetic, and rather muddy word of motocross.

After firmly establishing themselves as doyens of the driving genre with titles such as ATV Offroad Fury and Motocross Madness under their collective belts, those bike-crazy developers at Rainbow Studios turn their attention to improving on the MX heritage.

Returning with the classic racing and career modes, plus freestyle and multiplayer action, MX Unleashed is the most immersive and convincing outing of the series to date. Go for a spin around 50 different tracks in six uniquely detailed worlds, both indoor and outdoor, and climb the ranks to become the top of the pros. Or hone your dirt biking skills in 'freestyle', then unleash your mad motocrossing skills on your mates in the multiplayer modes.


  • Take to over 50 different tracks in amazingly detailed environments

  • Climb the ranks in Career mode, with 14 separate amateur, semi-pro and professional race leagues

  • Take on your mates in multiplayer modes




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