X-Men Legends

Release date: 22 October 2004
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision


You can't keep a good mutant down, far less a whole team of them. What you can do is select and train them, then lead them into battle...

Long time X-Men adversary Magneto is up to his old tricks, hatching plans to enslave humanity. It's up to you to stop him by hand-picking a dream team of superheroes from Marvel's melange of mutants, training them up and leading them into battle in X-Men Legends, a new action RPG from Activision.

Control your gifted team of heroes individually or as a team as you explore vast worlds and unravel the branching storyline. In battle, you can even use combinations of characters to execute deadly combos such as the Wolverine/Colossus Fastball Special. With each encounter you earn experience points which can be used to further bolster your team's powers.

With Morlocks, the Brotherhood of Mutants and robotic Sentinels to contend with, teamwork is the key to success. Use the awesome destructive power of Colossus for all out assaults or Nightcrawler's teleporting abilities when a more stealthy approach is required.


  • Engaging story penned by former X-Men comic writers with over 35 stunning cinematic sequences

  • Dynamic Joining allows new players to join the adventure at any time

  • Play four-player co-op mode or pit heroes against one another in the Danger Room




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