Riding Spirits II

Release date: 21 May 2004
Developer: Spike
Publisher: Capcom


The latest motorcycle sim to join the ranks of realistic racers on PS2 comes from the Capcom stables. Vrrooom!

Pulling up alongside the MotoGPs and Gran Turismos of the racing sim world, Riding Spirits II is a bike racer's dream. Featuring a full-on career mode, quick arcade fixes for solo or multiplayer challenges, and enough customisation options to keep you occupied for ages, RSII brings all the high-speed action of the motorcycle racing circuit to life.

Starting out as a rookie, you can gradually work your way up through the ranks to take on the world's best bikers in RS Mode, or hone your skills on a variety of surfaces in the Motard mode, where you'll learn how to handle your machine in every condition.

Bikes from famous manufacturers are available to ride, with European models from Ducati, Aprilla, Triumph and BMW, and Japanese bikes from Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and HRC among the impressive machinery on offer. Engine sizes vary from 250cc to over 1000cc, with more than 330 different models to get to grips with, and an incredibly detailed customisation mode allows you to change every aspect of your chosen bike, right down to the last nut or bolt.

There are 15 courses to race across the globe, with Suzuka and Twin Link Motegi amongst the famous tracks you'll encounter on your travels. Take on CPU opponents in the 100 Battle Mode, a series of trials designed to tax every area of your bike-handling skills, or just go for no-frills racing in Arcade mode.


  • Get to grips with more than 330 different machines, with engine sizes from 250cc to 1000cc

  • Race over 15 varied courses across the globe

  • Develop your racing skills and rise to the top of the rankings in the career-based RS Mode




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