Silent Hill 4: The Room

Release date: 17 September 2004
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami


Konami takes the unsettling horror series into a terrifying new direction. Dare you enter the room?

The latest tale of the disturbing town of Silent Hill introduces us to Henry Townshend, a man trapped in his own personal - not to mention fully-furnished - nightmare. It's been five days since Henry was made a prisoner in his own apartment; the power to his television is down, the phone has been mysteriously cut off, none of the other residents can hear his cries for help and, most worryingly of all, his front door has been completely chained off - from the inside.

Unsurprisingly baffled and more than a little scared, Henry is forced to sit and ponder these sinister events, until one day he hears something collapsing in his bathroom. What he finds is crumbled masonry and a hitherto secret tunnel. Believing that he has no other option but to explore this secret passage lest he face further solitude, Henry bravely crawls inside and is transported to a horrific world where logic has no place and grotesque, bloodthirsty creatures dwell...

As Henry, you'll explore his unorthodox prison from a first-person perspective - a first for the Silent Hill series. Careful exploration of his living space will gradually unveil new clues, helpful items and portals to a variety of alternative worlds, all of which are populated by a host of disgusting monstrosities.

Once inside these strange new dimensions, the view switches to the traditional third-person viewpoint, although throughout the adventure you'll constantly travel back and forth between realities and hence playing perspectives.

Silent Hill 4 also enjoys some welcome gameplay enhancements, such as improved combat and the ability to select items and weapons without having to switch to separate menus screens.

With a menagerie of fear-inducing creatures, shocking cutscenes and nerve-shredding music, Silent Hill 4 is undoubtedly the most frightening instalment yet. Have you got what it takes to brave The Room?


  • Brand new first-person viewpoint brings a new dimension of terror

  • Eerie new effects - watch as the other world gradually taints reality

  • Enhanced combat and item access systems

  • The most terrifying Silent Hill yet




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