Release date: 18 February 2005
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami


The creator of Castlevania introduces a new kind of hero exclusively to PlayStation 2, in this gory futuristic action game.

Sometime in the distant future, scientists have successfully harnessed the true power of nanotechnology and advanced it at such a tremendous rate that it has improved the standard of living on a global scale.

Unfortunately, the main computer that regulates the nanomachines on Nanotech Island - the home of many of these scientific revelations - goes out of control, causing the nanomachines to revolt and start harvesting the blood of humans to aid in the construction of an army of monster machines.

As highly dangerous military cyborg Jake Warren, you are the only hope mankind has of defeating this world-threatening menace. Use his immensely powerful, metamorphosing Plasma Blade and a wide range of fighting techniques to cut a bloody swathe through hordes of enemy units.

NanoBreaker's fast, arcade-style gameplay will keep you hacking and slashing through a grim futuristic world populated by monstrous, blood-hungry nanomachines. Using a control system that's accessible for beginners, yet flexible enough for experts, you'll use Jake's transforming Plasma Blade to slice your foes to pieces and leave vast quantities of blood plasma splattered all over the place!


  • Intense hack and slash action with hordes of nanomonsters to slice apart

  • Shape-shifting Plasma Blade provides massive range of attacks

  • In-depth combo-based combat system with techniques for novice and expert players

  • Gameplay modes include Story and Time Attack




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