Conflict: Vietnam

Release date: 3 September 2004
Developer: Pivotal Games
Publisher: SCi


SCi's highly acclaimed squad-based shooter leaves the desert and heads to the jungle to bring the horrors of 'Nam to PS2.

Admired for its tactical squad-based gameplay, well thought out missions and cunning enemy AI, the Conflict series has long been a favourite among discerning PS2 warmongers. Following two highly successful tours of duty in the Gulf War, the series is turning back the clock and engaging in one of the bloodiest conflicts of modern times - the Vietnam War.

You'll be controlling a squad of four US soldiers, separated from their unit during the Tet Offensive of '68. Your goal is to get them all back to friendly lines in one piece, but that's easier said than done; hostile terrain and a determined, ruthless 'invisible' enemy make the task a perilous one. Conflict: Vietnam's 14 engaging missions will have your boys rescuing hostages from villages, creeping through undergrowth and manning guns on heavily armoured river boats.

Adapting to your surroundings and situation is key to survival. As with previous Conflict games, your squad has an array of artillery at its disposal, but you'll also need to make use of tanks, boats and armaments abandoned by the Viet-Cong. By way of a final word of caution, tread carefully; enemy booby traps, including punji stake pit traps and grenade trip wires, lie in wait and can scupper your mission in an instant.


  • Control a squad of four US soldiers, all with different abilities, and guide them to survival

  • 14 missions across a wide range of environments, including villages, temple ruins and rivers

  • Struggle to survive against all odds in a hostile environment with an ever-present 'invisible' enemy




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