Astro Boy

Release date: 5 February 2005
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega


Strap on your Rocket Feet and prepare your Arm Cannon, as Sega brings the legendary Japanese cartoon character to PS2.

It's more than 50 years since Osamu Tezuka (also known as the "father of manga") created Astro Boy, who has since gone on to become one of most recognisable characters in Japanese animation. Half a century old he might be, but the robot boy with the human mind is showing no signs of slowing down with a new animated series airing and a rocket-powered new action adventure on PS2.

Take control of the young robotic superhero as he struggles to save Metro City from wrongdoers. Use Rocket Feet to propel your way through ten different environments from the Astro Boy universe, encountering familiar faces such as Dr. O'Shay and Zoran during the course of your travels.

As you play, you gradually build up Astro Boy's seven super-abilities, including 1,000,000 horsepower strength, X-Ray Vision, and Supersonic Hearing, making the robo-boy wonder an even more formidable adversary. Speaking of adversaries, there's a league of nefarious Astro Boy villains lying in wait, so prepare for mighty stand-offs with the likes of Atlas and The Blue Knight.

When you're not too busy vanquishing villains or soaring high in the air through free-roaming environments, there are over 50 sub-quests to turn your robotic hand to. Successfully completing each sub quest earns you a unique Astro Boy collectors' card with fun facts on the legendary superhero.

  • Fly round using Rocket Feet, exploring beautiful free-roaming environments

  • Use awesome superpowers to save Metro City

  • Encounter friends and foes from the comic and TV series



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