Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Release date: 3 December 2004
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft


Tap into your latent bloodlust and free the warrior within as Ubisoft's all-conquering Prince returns to PS2.

With its sumptuously rendered environments, balletic combat and incredibly graceful acrobatics, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time became an instant hit with gamers the world over. The follow-up, Warrior Within, sees the titular Prince returning as a darker, angrier and infinitely more dangerous character, facing insurmountable odds as he struggles to change the course of fate.

Having managed to cheat death itself, the Prince has unwittingly unleashed the Dahaka, a mythical beast that will not rest until fate is vindicated and the Prince slain. Our hero's quest for survival takes him to the foreboding and repressive Cursed Island, where he must face legions and legions of demonic enemies. Fortunately, our hero has a devastating new range of weapons and attacks at his disposal, and the combat system has been substantially enhanced since his last outing.

The new 'freeform fighting' system adds layer upon layer of depth to the pleasing but ultimately fairly simplistic combat of The Sands of Time. In Warrior Within, the Sands of Time are gathered by the Prince's medallion, freeing up his other hand for combat. The Prince's razor-sharp arsenal includes swords, axes and maces, and he can even use sticks or planks of wood as secondary weapons.

Not only does combat have far more depth in Warrior Within, but it's far gorier, too. More bloodthirsty players will delight at the arterial spurts of blood as the Prince stabs, impales, hacks, slices and dissects enemies, but the stunning acrobatics and cerebral puzzle solving make Warrior Within far more than just an orgy of bloodletting.


  • Take control of a darker, more vengeful Prince

  • Improved combat system includes new special moves and ranged attacks

  • Stunning environments to explore and mind-bending puzzles to solve




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