Flat Out

Release date: 5 November 2004
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
Publisher: Empire Interactive


Wreak total havoc on the race circuit, in Empire's supremely destructive new racer.

From Finnish developers Bugbear Entertainment and Empire comes FlatOut, one of the most spectacularly chaotic racing games ever created. Finally, you can throw your car around the track with wild abandon and actually cause massive amounts of devastation to the surrounding environment, your vehicle and even your driver!

FlatOut's hyper-advanced physics system lets you shatter fences, send walls of tyres bouncing around the track, cause scaffolds to collapse and even your driver to fly through the windscreen, usually into the path of oncoming rival traffic. Amazingly, everything you destroy remains on the track for the entirety of the race, allowing stray objects to turn a race around in seconds. Each car also features 40 deformable pieces, which not only looks fantastic but also has an impact on your car's performance.

The tracks themselves are huge, allowing you to take numerous shortcuts where other racing games would force you to grind to a halt. There's even a Stunt arena where the aim of the game is to deliberately send your poor driver flying into and over a variety of oversized objects - such as dartboards, long jump pits and bowling pins - all in the name of earning points.

  • Fully destructible driving environments - over 3000 items on each track to destroy

  • Split screen mode for seriously chaotic two-player racing

  • Full car damage model actually affects performance

  • 45 tracks to master over 5 different environments, including Stunt arena

  • Race in 16 cars, all customisable and fully upgradeable



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