FIFA Football 2005

Release date: 8 December 2004
Developer: EA SPORTS
Publisher: EA SPORTS


The world's favourite virtual kickabout makes a stunning return to form for the new season.

When the pressure's on, tables can be turned in the blink of an eyelid. At the right moment, a beautifully timed first touch can create an opportunity that changes the course of a match. In FIFA 2005, a dynamic new First Touch system joins a host of other enhancements, both online and off, that make it the most comprehensive soccer simulation to date.

Offering unparalleled numbers of international leagues and teams, graphics so beautiful they bring a tear to the eye and sublime online play, FIFA 2005 continues the amazing legacy of the world's best selling football franchise.

At the top of the (suitably long) list of improvements and additions to this year's offering is the new First Touch system. Bringing more immediacy and control than ever to the beautiful game, this lets you knock, trap or flick an incoming pass with a precise jab of the right analog stick.

Combined with improved Off the Ball control, which lets you call in tackles, initiate runs and vie for space, it's a system that reflects the subtler nuances of the game more accurately than ever. And it's not just the gameplay that's more fluid; new animations and broadcast-style presentation ensure that everything flows visually.

Once you've mastered the perfect run into space and First Touch pass, you'll want to go and show off your skills online and, with the Advanced Matchmaking system, it's never been quicker or easier to chat, set up tournaments and find your perfect opponent.

  • New First Touch passing system puts the speed and vision of top players directly in your hands

  • Incredibly realistic graphics and TV-syle presentation

  • Online - Play Now option puts you straight into the action



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