Release date: 26 November 2004
Developer: A2M
Publisher: Take 2 Interactive


Become Bobby 'Scaler' Johnson, an ordinary boy blessed with the power to turn into a super-powered lizard.

Bobby Johnson was just an ordinary boy until he discovered that his creepy next door neighbour Mr. Looger was plotting to take over the world with his mutant lizard army. After being caught by Looger, Bobby is pumped full of lizard energy and he too becomes a lizard!

Scaler is a crazy 3D platformer that places you in the role of the titular blue and yellow lizard. As he searches the game's exotic world for Klokkie Balls and Crystal Gems, Scaler will gain the ability to change into five different characters, each with their own special skills and weapons.

Being a lizard, Scaler is able to climb up sheer surfaces and even walk along the ceiling! He can also surf on vines, shock enemies with electricity, or camouflage himself in order to blend in with the environments and remain undetected.


  • Transform into five different characters, each with their own abilities and weapons

  • 10 huge levels to explore

  • Use abilities such as camouflage and climbing to outwit the reptilian enemies




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