Aquanox: The Angel's Tears

Release date: 2 September 2005
Developer: JoWood
Publisher: JoWood


The future abyss of the World's Oceans are explored on PS2.

3000 meters under the sea, 650 years into the future, the sun is a fading memory of former centuries. Nobody has ever seen it. No longer planet Earth, Man now calls this world Aqua.

Eight humans crammed into a freighter. Eight mercenaries, shrouded in mystery, hunting for a legendary treasure. Eight hunters dreaming of the Angel's Tears. This dream will change history.


  • Fast paced 3rd person shooter packaged in a tense and thrilling underwater story

  • 32 missions and 4 customisable ships

  • Wealth of extras, gadgets and pieces of background information to uncover




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