NHL 2005

Release date: 24 September 2004
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts


Lace up and get back on the ice in the latest and greatest update of EA Sports' long-running hockey series.

EA Sports returns for the 13th instalment of its best-selling ice hockey sim, with NHL 2005. This update features all of the latest player stats, plus a host of exciting new features that enhance the experience both on and off the ice.

New 'Open Ice Control' opens up an array of gameplay options at the touch of a button, including the ability to perform offensive plays such as driving the net to force a goal from a deflection, or calling on another player for a defensive double team. The overhauled skating engine now captures the nuances of offensive and defensive gliding, from the explosive speed of an offensive skate, to the precise movement of backwards defensive skating.

The returning Dynasty mode is even more in-depth and benefits from improved navigation. A new PDA and email system makes communications far more accessible and adds new depth to the relationship between you (as General Manager) and the owner of the team.


  • Open Ice Control - dozens of gameplay options at the push of a button

  • Refined skating engine improves the feeling of skating

  • All the action of the World Cup of Hockey - 21 international teams, plus 39 teams from the Swedish, Finnish and German Elite leagues

  • Expanded Dynasty Mode - become a GM and oversee every aspect of your team's operations




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