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Release date: 11 March 2005
Developer: Eurocom Entertainment
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games


A whir of well-oiled gears heralds the Robots' arrival on PS2.

20th Century Fox's CG animated feature film gets the full nuts and bolts treatment thanks to Vivendi Universal Games. Capturing the feel of Academy Award-winner Chris Wedge's Robots, this 3D action-adventure puts you in the starring role of Rodney Copperbottom, an erstwhile robotic misfit turned hero.

Featuring character, graphic and animations taken straight from the film, Robots is a visual treat of spinning gears and chrome. The CG animation-inspired backdrops draw you into a vibrant world, a world about to be taken over by an evil tyrant - unless you and your robot pals can prevail.

Combing the best elements of the film with all-new scenes and over 40 original characters, Robots keeps the action both fresh and challenging. From the moment you hop on the train to the mechanical metropolis of moving gears and winding parts, you will encounter an unforgettable cast of characters and adversaries.

Expansive free-roaming environments, featuring new areas not seen in the film, wait to be explored through a balance of both puzzles and combat. Upgrading your character with bonus skills, new robot parts and awesome mechanical gadgets expands the gameplay, giving you the edge needed to complete the puzzles and defeat your foes.

  • 3D action-adventure inspired by and capturing the look and feel of the film

  • Meet the film's heroes, plus 40 original characters

  • Solve puzzles and battle evil machines across free-roaming environments

  • Upgrade Rodney with a range of cool skills, parts and gadgets



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