Metal Slug 3

Release date: 5 November 2004
Developer: SNK Corporation
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment


SNK's revered 2D coin-op classic runs and guns its way onto PS2.

Metal Slug 3's 2D sprite-based graphics may hark back to simpler days, but its stunning hand-drawn animation and frenetic gameplay made it a favourite in the arcades. Now you can experience Metal Slug's intense 2D action from the comfort of your home, thanks to a PS2 version which includes all-new EX missions.

The nefarious General Morden has once again been hatching evil plans to take over the world and establish a new order. When livestock begins mysteriously disappearing and strange monsters are spotted, Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio know that it's time to act and take the fight to the General.

Explore five challenging stages and a range of environments, including an underwater bio-weapons factory and the General's secret lair in the far reaches of space. Give your trigger finger the work out of its life with handguns, power-up guns, cannons and more besides, and pilot cool attack vehicles like the Metal Slug, Camel Slug and Elephant Slug. An addictive update of an arcade classic.


  • Intense blasting action across five mayhem-filled stages

  • Find and pilot 10 different models of vehicle

  • Includes a two-player VS mode and all new EX missions




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