Duel Masters: Cobalt

Duel Masters Limited Edition packshot en
Release date: 3 December 2004
Developer: High Voltage Software
Publisher: Atari


Build up a powerful deck and duel in real time, as Atari brings the trading card phenomenon to PS2.

Duel Masters, the popular trading card game and animated series, comes to PlayStation 2 in a new action adventure that combines the collecting and duelling gameplay of the card game with real-time combat and sumptuous 3D visuals. Guide five awesome characters, each with their own storyline, through an action-packed campaign that culminates in a huge tournament that will test even the most hardened duellers.

The more traditional elements of the trading card game - collecting cards, building up a powerful deck and, of course, duelling - are all present and correct, but Duel Masters: Cobalt goes a step further by letting you control the fighting action in fast-paced real time duels. Each of the five characters is aligned to one of the Duel Masters civilisations - Fire, Nature, Water, Light and Darkness - and all are brought vividly to life with graphics inspired by the anime artwork of the card game and accompanying TV show.

  • Blends strategic collectible card gameplay with fast paced action and combat

  • Guide five characters from civilisations of Fire, Nature, Water, Light and Darkness to their destiny

  • Beautiful, anime-style 3D graphics and animation bring the thrilling duelling action to life



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