Hitman: Blood Money

Release date: 26 May 2006
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos


The bald-headed assassin returns and this time, he has lethal competition.

Eidos' Hitman returns for his fourth outing as the stealthy lone killer-for-hire faces of against a rival assassination bureau. As well as nail-biting stealth and lethal combat, Blood Money sees greater options to develop Agent 47 and how you spend your 'blood money' directly affects the course of the game and the weapons available to you.

Assassins from 47's contract agency, the ICA, are ending up on the wrong end of the hit. A new agency has entered the market and it appears the ICA is the main target. With the situation worsening, Agent 47 is unable to reach his contacts in the organisation. Cut off and sensing he is likely next, relocation to America and a chance to turn the situation around is the only option. But of course, a cornered animal is at its most dangerous

Io-Interactive have again delivered a sumptuous visual treat as 47 travels the globe facing off against highly intelligent enemies, complimented by Blood Money's unrivaled AI system.


  • 47 returns to share his deadly art with a whole new 'audience' of unexpecting victims

  • Stealth, tactics and coolness under fire are key skills that will keep you alive in the huge, free-roaming environments

  • Unique game experience; how earnings are spent directly effect progress and equipment available

  • Stunning graphics set a new benchmark in the series




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