Haunting Ground

Release date: 29 April 2005
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom


The horror genre gets a serious shake-up with this unique, atmospheric chiller from Capcom.

Fiona Belli is the heroine in Capcom's stylish and elegantly produced 3D gothic horror. The only survivor of a car accident in which both of her parents are tragically killed, Fiona wakes after her ordeal to discover it is only beginning... Naked and trapped in a metal cage inside an eerie castle, Fiona must pull herself together and make an unlikely alliance to escape.

Capcom's latest heroine, unlike most leading characters in this type of game, is absolutely terrified of her situation. The best way to react to danger, especially the creepy, perverted giant Debilitas, is to run and hide. The nooks and crannies of the foreboding castle provide ample opportunities to conceal yourself, but overuse of the same boltholes will soon leave you trapped as the antagonists will become wise to your ploys.

Thankfully, Fiona is not alone as she befriends Hewie, a white German Sheppard who will prove a stalwart ally. Issuing commands like attack, come, go, and sit will instruct your canine companion to defend and perform actions to assist you. Hewie is far from just an extension of the main character, however, as you'll have to build up a trusting relationship through appropriate praise and rewards in order to rely on aid from your four-legged-friend.

Sound plays a major aspect in Haunting Ground, with the music adapting to the threat and proximity of foes, and Hewie acting as a barometer for danger. It's an effective, atmospheric accompaniment to the dark and sinister visuals that will become even more obscured as Fiona's mind struggles to cope with the horror of her situation.

  • Explore an expansive environment, while evading danger
  • Befriend and command Hewie, a German Sheppard
  • Disturbingly atmospheric sounds tie into gameplay



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