Kessen III

Release date: 29 April 2005
Developer: KOEI


The latest instalment of Koei's Feudal Japan-set war simulator sets a new benchmark for the series, with an unparalleled level of control.

Kessen III unites individual and mass combat, taking the gameplay of the previous titles a step further. Thanks to the expanded 'Group Control Engine', you're no longer limited to directing the action from the perspective of unit officer - now you can dictate the direction of the unit as a whole, enabling both macro and micro-management of your forces.

The plot follows the rise of Oda Nobunaga, the leader who attempted to bring all of Japan 'under a single sword' ('tenka-fubu') at the end of the Warring States period. It's a dream he never achieved, but now history can be re-written with Kessen III&.

In addition to the new control features and a solid storyline (supported by over 120 minutes of movie sequences), Kessen III features twice as many battles as its predecessors. Such quantity, when combined with consistently high quality, makes for a detailed and engrossing historical epic.


  • Expanded controls allow detailed direction at the unit level

  • Epic storyline, backed by 120+ minutes of movie sequences

  • Twice as many battles as its predecessors




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