SNK vs. Capcom SVC Chaos

Release date: 28 January 2005
Developer: SNK Corporation
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment


The 2D beat 'em up rivals clash once more - and this time it's on SNK's turf.

Not to be confused with the Capcom vs. SNK games (although we can understand why you would be), SNK vs. Capcom SVC Chaos brings characters from the Capcom fighting universe into the realm of SNK brawlers like The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown. Who will reign supreme?

Beyond the simple name swap, SNK's home advantage means that the Capcom fighters have to adjust to their rivals' style of play - fans of Street Fighter's six-button system will have to adjust to using just the four here.

However, even the SNK hardcore will have to adjust to the new fighting system, which adds new defensive manoeuvres like the Guard Cancel Front Step, Guard Cancel Attack, Anywhere Cancel, and the devastating last-gasp Exceed Move offensive technique.


  • Features 36 playable characters from top SNK and Capcom fighting franchises

  • Turn the tables with dramatic Exceed Move attacks

  • Unlock fighters from the Metal Slug, Ghosts 'n' Goblins, and Mega Man series

  • See your favourite Capcom characters drawn in the inimitable SNK art style




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