7 Sins

Release date: 1 June 2005
Developer: Monte Cristo
Publisher: Jester Interactive


Without a single cardinal virtue in sight...

Set in the hedonistic Apple City, 7 Sins challenges you to delve into a seedy underworld of corruption and vice while indulging in all of the sins. With content themed for the adult gamer, players must find a balance between their desires and failings in this Sims-like game while cultivating relationships with the city's many twisted and flamboyant characters.

Seven distinct chapters take players through the seedy world of Apple City, as players indulge in a range of risqué mini-games to climb the scene's social ladder. Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Sloth and Wrath - all wrapped up in one sinful package for PlayStation 2.

  • Sims-style sin for the mature gamer

  • Backstab, cajole and seduce your way to the top of the scene

  • Seven chapters, with a host of adult themed mini-games



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