Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Release date: 9 September 2005
Developer: Xplosiv
Publisher: Xplosiv


Technicolour feline fun abounds in this dazzling 3D platformer.

Evil King Block and his clumsy brigade of troops from the Planet Block have invaded Sanrio Town. Its down to you, as Hello Kitty, with your trusted sidekick the moody penguin Badtz Maru, to save the happiest little town on Earth.

Strap on your pink roller boots and get your skating groove on as you battle the King's minions with the aid of over twenty loveable Sanrio Town characters.


  • Play as the famous feline Hello Kitty or moody penguin Badtz Maru

  • Unlock music, animations and galleries featuring Hello Kitty and friends

  • Battle in style with new weapons and outfits




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