America's Army: Rise of the Soldier

Release date: 24 February 2006
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft


Welcome to the U.S Army, you sorry excuse for a human being! You will become a deadly weapon of war, do I make myself clear?!

Developed in association with the U.S. military, America's Army: Rise of the Soldier puts you in the high top boots of a newly qualified soldier in the modern U.S. infantry. Create your character and lead them through a dangerous international conflict, working closely with your fireteam and rising through the ranks to Team Leader and beyond.

RPG-style experience allows you to build your skills how you see fit to create the ultimate soldier. Head online for 16 player tactical first-person warfare, where brains are just as deadly as brawn.


  • An authentic military tactical shooter developed in association with the U.S. Army

  • Work your way through the infantry roles and ranks to attain your perfect military job - Grenadier, Sniper, Team Leader or Special Forces

  • 16 player online action brings the warzone to life as atmospheric, deadly combats are played out with real opponents




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