Sensible Soccer PS2

Release date: 9 June 2006
Developer: Kuju Entertainment
Publisher: Codemasters


Go back to football gaming's roots with a new game in the classic series

The classic football gaming franchise returns with a game that retains all the frantic action and multiplayer fun of the original.

Featuring a distinctive new graphical style, which includes cel-shaded players with the traditional enlarged heads, as well as a new aggressive style of gameplay.

The top-down view allows you to see the build up play better than you can in any current football game. This gives the player a huge degree of tactical awareness and control that has never been bettered.


  • Featuring lightning fast football action, mesmerising dribbling, physics-defying sliding tackles and unbelievable goals thanks to the after-touch feature

  • Packed with masses of teams, multiplayer games for up to four players, and 50 preset competitions from all over the world

  • Over 100 unlocks and upgrades, both useful and comedic, to customise your players with, including Five Star Skill Bonuses and Dinner Jacket football kits!




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