Rugby Challenge 2006

Release date: 3 February 2006
Developer: Swordfish Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft


Scrums, rucks and mauls slam onto PlayStation 2.

With a presentation style as slick as the pitches themselves, Rugby Challenge 2006 is a behemoth in the scrum of sporting titles on PlayStation 2. This in-depth simulation captures the intensity and thrills of the game at both domestic and international levels, featuring the Heineken Cup, 6 Nations Tournaments, Zurich Premiership, Celtic League and French National League.

Rugby Challenge is also officially licensed, with more than 450 teams and 2,000 accurately reproduced players, plus all of the official 2006 tournaments and rules. It all adds up to a staggeringly realistic game.

  • Customise players, teams and tournaments - create your own leagues and cups
  • Full career mode - player transfers, player recruitment, hiring coaches, weekly training sessions, financial management, injury management and more
  • Live commentary by official commentators




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