Arthur and the Minimoys

Release date: 2 February 2007
Developer: Atari
Publisher: Atari


Lose yourself in Luc Besson's extraordinary world

Explore the world of Luc Besson's fantastic film, Arthur and the Minimoys, as the young adventurer Arthur and his two friends, Princess Selenia and her brother Bétamèche. As you move through the various Minimoy lands, you will encounter extraordinary adventures, menacing enemies and all the richness and extraordinary visuals of the film.

To save the Minimoys' world from destruction you must combine the three character's skills - Arthur is an acrobat, Selenia a warrior and Bétamèche a marksman - to solve mysteries and overcome obstacles.

  • Explore the world of Luc Besson's stunning film
  • Play as Arthur, Selenia and Bétamèche
  • Save the Minimoys through co-operative teamwork



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