Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

Release date: 29 September 2006
Developer: KOEI


Worlds are about to collide on PlayStation 2.

The lands of Eden and Belkhyde were once united in harmony, until the time of the great catastrophe. The alchemists of Eden distanced themselves and the land itself from Belkhyde, fearing that contact with the humans and monsters there would lead to their destruction.

All was well in these disparate lands until Chaos resorted to the power of alchemy to save his sister. Now two orphans must save Eden from crumbling - Felt, who focuses on preventing Chaos from completing his mad quest, and Viese, who struggles to protect Eden from further destruction.

  • A crisis strikes the land, two friends must part ways to save their world from crumbling
  • Use wood Mana, flower Mana, lightning Mana, and others to create items and perform spells
  • Unleash a variety of attacks using the Action Cost Time Battle System, which charges you different amounts of time for each action



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