Disney's Treasure Planet

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Release date: 7 February 2003
Developer: Disney Interactive
Publisher: SCEE


Prepare to set sail with Disney's latest rip-roaring action adventure, Treasure Planet.

Prepare to set sail with Disney's latest rip-roaring action adventure, Treasure Planet. Created to coincide with the upcoming animated movie, Treasure Planet takes Robert Louis Stevenson's classic yarn of pirates, buried treasure and mutiny on the high seas and gives it an ultra-modern twist. Following the voyage of Jim Hawkins in his quest to bag the booty, Disney trades the old briny for outer space in this lavish update of the epic tale.

After discovering a map which leads to Treasure Planet - the resting place of Space Pirate Flint's legendary 'loot of a thousand worlds' - Jim and his trusted companion Dr Doppler decide to claim the hoard for themselves. However this won't be easy as other cut-throat pirates, including John Silver, have heard of this elusive planet and all its spoils, and are eager to get their own grubby mitts on the prize. It's up to you, as young Jim lad, to get to the planet first and grab the goodies before it's too late!

Aiding you on your journey is Jim's cute and loyal friend Morph. Using his powers as a shape-shifter, Morph can be used as a weapon, and will switch from amorphous blob to useful tool whenever Jim encounters trouble. There'll be plenty o' baddies along the way though, so you'll need to get ship-shape fast. Good job then that there are lots of handy gizmos and gadgets on hand that will help you out on your quest. Morph is a talented little blighter, and can assume the form of, amongst other things, a jetpack, a glider and a pair of 'speedy boots'. There's also a Solar Surfer, a kind of cross between a skateboard and a glider, which you can use to navigate your way around difficult terrain. And if you fancy smashing things up, collect the cyborg arms and go on a bit of a rampage.

Once you've got the hang of surfing, smashing and generally exploring the environment, you can get down to the task of locating various beacons which lead the way to Treasure Planet. Bloodthirsty pirates and robots roam the land and will try to stop Jim in his tracks, so there are plenty of opportunities to utilise your new-found skills, and show the old sea dogs the gangplank.

On your travels, there are many exciting and unique locations to explore in the galaxy, and the environments are beautifully rendered. The graphics are bright and colourful and the gameplay is simple and fluid, suiting the younger audience down to a tee. Characters are faithfully recreated from the movie, and many of the original voice talents are present. It's an engaging and inventive game that, whilst retaining the classic elements of Treasure Island, still manages to feel novel and fresh.

  • Take to the air on Jim's Solar Surfer and pull off some awesome tricks and moves
  • Utilise your shape-shifting companion Morph to fly, smash and glide your way through levels
  • Face up to mutinous John Silver and nab the bounty
  • Also available on PS one


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