Release date: 22 November 2013

Publisher: SCEE

Developer: Media Molecule

Available on:
PS Vita

Experience the papery world of action-packed adventure from the creators of LittleBigPlanet.

  • Explore a living world made entirely out of paper; it tears, folds and crumples as you manipulate it with your fingers.
  • Go Hands-In with the game you can actually touch with your fingertips.
  • Journey to unlock the message that iota and atoi have for you and customise your new friend along the way to suit your style.

What It's Like To Play

Tear into an amazing adventure


Tear into an amazing adventure

Hey you! Yes you... you're very special you know?

For you have been chosen to help save a world, the likes of which you've never seen before - a world made totally, utterly and completely out of paper. In this whimsical land lives a little messenger, and it's kind of their fault that this once peaceful place is now overrun with monsters, beasties and who-knows-what else.

This messenger now looks up to you - quite literally - in your home beyond the sun, for guidance. It turns out that you are their "powerful friend" who can hold this entire world in your hands... and now they need you to shake things up a bit.

You see, the messenger is on a super-important mission; locked away inside their envelope head is a very special delivery... with your name on it!

What could it be??

There's only one way to find out; you must work together to survive the perilous (but unbelievably fun) adventure that lies ahead. And with every papery footstep taken, a whole new story will unfold - just for you.

The next LittleBig thing


The next LittleBig thing

Have you ever heard of LittleBigPlanet? Of course you have.

Well the brilliantly-talented (and multi award-winning) studio Media Molecule behind the LBP franchise are the very same people that have created Tearaway.
Drawing on their years of development experience, Media Molecule has crafted a huge and vibrant papery world absolutely jam-packed with their trademark quirkiness, charm and super-sharp sense of humour.

While on your adventures with the brave little messenger of your choice - iota or atoi - not only will you meet a cast of funny and adorable characters, but you'll be able bring them to life (almost) in your own home, too. By taking photos of special characters, plants or objects, you will unlock papercraft plans that can be printed out and built using your own two hands.

Once you've done that, you can upload pictures of your creations to tearaway.me and share your talents with the world; while also taking a look at the models everyone else has put together.

Oh, and you can do all this while happily humming along to the soul-lifting and mesmeric soundtrack that accompanies your every move throughout the fun-filled papery world of Tearaway.

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