Minecraft: PlayStation®3 Edition

Release date: 14 May 2014

Publisher: SCEE

Developer: Mojang/4J Studios

Available on:
1 - 4

Imagine, build, create and explore.

  • Experience the critically acclaimed game that's taken the world by storm – now on PlayStation 3.
  • Choose what to create and what to do in a world only limited by your imagination.
  • Build incredible creations with unlimited resources that you mine in Creative mode.
  • Explore a mysterious world full of dangerous monsters in Survival mode – or join the bravest of the brave in The Nether.
  • Play four player split-screen games or take your creativity online with up to seven friends.
  • Get building with the digital version of Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, available to download now from PlayStation Store.

What It's Like To Play

Your world, your way


Your world, your way

What does the world of Minecraft look like? It looks however you want it to – and that's what this wonderfully creative game is all about. Every inch of the blocky terrain can be destroyed and rebuilt in your own vision, using materials and tools that you have to collect and create yourself. Whether you want to build yourself a humble farm, an elaborate palace or a unique playground for you and your friends, the tools you need are at your fingertips.

As a creator, you have all sorts of materials to work with. Chop down trees to make wooden items, mine rocks to build stone structures, or farm plants and animals to trade with villagers for other useful items. Rivers and lakes flow through the world that you can re-route and use however you please, and you're free to build as high as you like, or tunnel deep underground.

The world around you is randomly generated and stretches out for miles to each side, so you're free to pick the perfect spot to set up camp. Whether you feel more at home on a snowy hillside, in a dense forest or on a sun drenched desert plain, you can start levelling the land and putting down roots.

Gimme shelter


Gimme shelter

Before you start building, there are two game modes for you to choose from. Creative mode puts everything you need to create your  own world in your hands, so you won't need to mine, collect and craft materials – just let your imagination run free.

In Survival mode, things are a little trickier; creating a new world means starting simple. First, you'll need to start collecting the basic resources that make the building blocks of your new realm. Cut down some trees and you'll collect wood; when you have enough wood, you can build a crafting table – and from there, a whole host of other useful items, like an axe, a pick and a shovel.

You'll need to find enough food to keep you healthy, so farm the cows, sheep and chickens that are scattered around your world to stay in tip-top condition.

Of course, in Survival mode, all this will count for nothing if you don't have a sturdy shelter come nightfall. When it gets dark, mean creatures roam the landscape looking for builders like you to attack. To stay safe, you can create all sorts of defences and traps around your base or craft yourself weapons to fight back with – and hopefully stay alive until the sun comes up again.

Get creative together


Get creative together

While you're free to go it alone, at its heart, Minecraft is a multiplayer game. Choose to play in multiplayer mode and anyone from your PlayStation Network friends list can join you in your world and work alongside you to build an even bigger structure. From there, friends of friends can jump in and start pitching in with the construction work until you have a whole team of miners and builders all making the game world bigger and brighter – and more secure from the night-time nasties.

If you want more control over who can join your world, you can set your multiplayer games to "invite only", so you can choose who builds alongside you. Once everyone is together in the world, you can decide to collaborate on one super-structure, or form a town of individual creations and see who can build the biggest, best and most secure base.

The longer you play, the more resources you'll collect and the better tools and materials you can create. When you're feeling ready, you can build a portal that will take you to The Nether – a shadowy realm containing many useful items you won't find in the regular world... but also even more deadly creatures that will hunt you. And if that's not enough, Minecraft experts can band together and go in search of The End – a dangerous world buried deep underground, where a fearsome dragon awaits anyone brave enough to enter.

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